Switch Rods

Switch Rods


Classic Series

The Beulah Fly Rods Classic Series is what originally put us on the map.Made using time proven traditional construction from high modulus graphite and glass scrim, these rods are both light and strong. We designed these rods to compete with the big boys in both performance and appearance without the gaudy price tag. With a full line up from small creek trout rods to big water Spey rods there is something here for any fishing challenge.

The Beulah Classic Switch Rods were the first full line of Switch rods when they came to market back in ’05. What was then considered an oddity is now a staple of every manufacturer’s line up. What makes these rods stand out is their diverse functionality, custom appearance and user friendly action. Matching a fly line to each rod just seemed like a natural progression.

Platinum Series

The last five years has brought us through the next evolution of graphite technology that can now be experienced with any of our Platinum series fly rods. The Platinum series was, until recently, only a concept developed to build lighter, more enjoyable Spey rods. What we found was that the construction lent itself to higher performance rods all around. You can now enjoy the Platinum technology in single hand, switch and Spey rods.

Platinum series construction is based on a carbon scrim process which puts our Single hand, Switch and Spey rods amongst the lightest in the industry. Beulah’s Platinum series does not start and end with just a carbon scrim process, we also employ a controlled 28% (lower than past generations) resin count, and extremely high blank rolling pressure to achieve unparalleled consistency and feel from blank to blank. Fine tuning and timing our Platinum rods is essential and achieved through modulus blending and boron stringers to define overall flex characteristics, recovery and tracking ability. Long story short, we are eager to push the envelope of technology, and proud to unveil the next step in the evolution of Beulah Fly Rods!