Platinum Series Spey Rod 6wt

Speysm2 25

Beulah Platinum Spey Series 12’6″ 6wt. 4 Piece

If Beulah two handed rods were a baseball team, our NEW Platinum 12’6” 6 weight would be the MVP. Thanks to our carbon scrim the blank weighs only 2.85 ounces and the completed rod weighs only 6.5 ounces. What kind of 6 weight is it? Spot on! This rod features a more traditional full-flex “Spey” action that loads deep into the butt section with extremely fast tip recovery making it a joy to cast in all conditions. Don’t call us because the answer is YES! It will handle big water and big brute Steelhead while not overpowering the smallish 3-4 pound fish making them special too. All line types and styles including Scandinavian, Skagit, Mid or Long Belly will agree and excel when matched to our Platinum 12’6” 6 weight.

Summer Steelhead, Half Pounders, Winter Steelhead on small and medium streams.

Traditional “Spey” action/ fast recovery

Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir 400 Spey
Skagit: Beulah Tonic 425 Spey
Mid Belly: 450-470 grains, Airflo Delta 6/7, Rio Windcutter 6/7/8
Long Belly: 450-470 grains, CND GPS 5/6 or 6/7 for deep load

Platinum Spey rod 12’6″ 6wt. 4 PIECE 6.5 oz.
Comes with sock, tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty for conditions)