Opal Series Single Hand 10 wt

Opal Single Hand57
The Beulah Opal 10 wt fly rod is the perfect combination of power and finesse. This incredibly smooth, fast action fly rod casts flies like Nolan Ryan throws fastballs and fights like Ali in his prime. The Opal 10wt is already in the record books with Margaret Shaughnessy’s 80 plus pound roosterfish. Rod, fish and angler battled for 3hrs 45 minutes, all lived to see another day. All Opal rods come with American Tackle Titanium Guides, IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin, AAAA cork and custom anodized reel seat with unidirectional locking ring. The Beulah Opal 10 and 11 wt rods comes with the Beulah Fly Rods Forcegrip. Use of rod: The rod for saltwater flats, inshore and blue water. Great choice for surf species as well as larger anadromous fishes Action: laser fast, fast recovery, deep soul Opal 10wt 4 Piece Comes with sock, cordura tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty conditions) Fly line recommendations: SA Tarpon 10wt, 300-400 sink lines, Rio Outbound short 9wt Serum 400gr 35ft