Single Handed Rods

Single Rods


Guide Series II

The new Guide Series II is an extension of our original Guide Series rods. These new rods cover all
single-handed freshwater fly fishing applications as well as crossing over to light salt water use. The rods range from a 7'€™6ƒ" 3wt to a first for Beulah,our new 10ƒƒ¢€™0ƒƒ¢€ 7wt. Guide Series II are super light-weight and fun to fish thanks to our new slim blank profile and carbon scrim process. However, the best attribute of G.S. II is how beautiful, compressed, bulletshaped loops form no matter your casting style.
Guide Series II cosmetics include: Dark olive blank color, refined 2-tone wraps, Chrome-over-stainless guides and reel seats with hardwood inserts (3,4,5,6,) or anodized aluminum (9'€™0"€ 7/10'€™0" €7). Each rod comes with a rod sock and tube.

Platinum Series

The last five years has brought us through the next evolution of graphite technology that can now be experienced with any of our Platinum series fly rods. The Platinum series was, until recently, only a concept developed to build lighter, more enjoyable spey rods. What we found was that the construction lent itself to higher performance rods all around. You can now enjoy the Platinum technology in single hand, switch and spey rods. Platinum series construction is based on a carbon scrim process which puts our Single hand, Switch and Spey rods amongst the lightest in the business. Beulahƒƒ¢€™s Platinum series does not start and end with just a carbon scrim process, we also employ a controlled 28% (lower than past generations) resin count, and extremely high blank rolling pressure to achieve unparalleled consistency and feel from blank to blank. Fine tuning and timing our Platinum rods is essential and achieved through modulus blending and boron stringers to fine tune overall flex characteristics, recovery and tracking ability. Long story short, we are eager to push the envelope of technology, and proud to unveil the next step in the evolution of Beulah Fly Rods

Opal Series

The Beulah Opal Series is the next step in performance, strength, sensitivity, and power. With the use of Nano Silica Matrix (NSM) Technology, we have been able to design a generation of rods worthy of the pedigree built by our Blue Water Series rods. These rods have been constructed for long bumpy boat rides, large aggressive fish and the toughest fishing environment you will encounter. The Opal series fast, responsive taper enables quick, long, and accurate casts. With this increased strength comes the confidence to do battle with the powerful fish these rods were designed for. The secret to the strength, accuracy and power of this series is the use of high modulus IM8 graphite combined with the Nano Silica Matrix (NSM) Technology. Solid titanium guides, custom reel seat, and AAAA cork round out the
Opal series to be the best saltwater fly rod available.