Fly Lines

Beulah Lines-003

Beulah Fly Lines are designed to exceed the demands of all of the environments that we fly fish in today and into the future.

Lines-Images_elixirNew for 2013 the Beulah Elixir V2: The same Elixir you love with a few improvements. Our Scandinavian style head, the Elixir V2, has a redesigned taper for positive turn over on longer casts, new line color, and line ID on front loops . This line was designed to be used for surface techniques and light sinking tip work (10 to 13 foot Poly Leaders up to Type 6: this is not intended to cast T-11 and T-14 or flies larger than size 2). [more]

Lines-Images_tonicThe Tonic is Beulah’s Compact Skagit style switch and spey floating head. Like the Elixir V2, we have made a few improvements to this head. We reengineered the loops, changed the line color, and added line ID on the front loop to help keep you organized. Slight improvements to the head taper will also improve turn over and casting control for bullet shaped loops even while you are casting up to 15 feet of… [more]

Lines-Images_serumThe Beulah Serum Shooting Head is a fully integrated shooting head designed for distance casting with inter-changeable tips. The short and condensed head loads the rod quickly and shoots an extreme length of line. Each line comes with an 11’ interchangeable, loop to loop, floating Beulah Tip, tapered to positively transfer casting energy from the head to the fly. This head/tip system is ideal to fish from beach or [more]

Lines-Images_aeroBeulah AERO HEAD is our version of a “modern” mid belly spey shooting head. Our new taper is designed to optimize distance by less stripping and shooting as with Scandinavian and Skagit shooting heads. Beulah AERO HEAD delivers…well…arrow head shaped, high line speed loops that turn over positively at all distances. [more]